History of EPAZ

The Environmental Professionals of Arizona (EPAZ), formerly known as the HazWaste Society, was formed in 1986 with the objectives of the environmental study, evaluation and control of hazardous wastes generated in Arizona. The HazWaste Society sponsored very successful conferences and tradeshows throughout the valley to increase public awareness and understanding of the problems related to hazardous materials and waste management.

With the evolution of the environmental industry, this professional non-profit organization also evolved and changed its name to Environmental Professionals of Arizona (EPAZ) in 1997. A new mission statement was also adopted at this time that reflects the current concern of the members of the organization. The current mission statement is "To Promote Effective Management of Pollution Prevention Efforts throughout the Environment".

EPAZ members strive for the following:

  • Foster environmental leadership
  • Encourage both environmental and economic sustainability through pollution prevention
  • Improve communications and cooperation between industry and government
  • Promote networking opportunities to exchange ideas on reducing hazardous wastes and toxics use
  • Provide information to identify, evaluate and implement pollution prevention strategies and policies
  • Sponsor educational, outreach and mentoring activities and events that emphasizes regulatory compliance and pollution prevention