2018 Water Drive

Thanks to the many individuals and companies that have contacted us to participate, we've extended our 30 day water drive to 60 days!

June 1 - July 31, 2018

EPAZ's Community Service Committee challenges you to 60 Days of Giving benefiting the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

It's impossible to say exactly how many homeless people are in the Phoenix area. But in 2015, officials counted 25,832 homeless people in Maricopa County throughout the year. On one particular night, there were 4,342 homeless individuals in shelters and 1,289 on the streets.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission provides Christ-centered, life-transforming solutions to persons facing hunger and homelessness. 71 cents of every dollar given goes directly to programs and services.  Learn More here.
As stewards of our planet, environment, and community, EPAZ and our affiliated organizations are hosting a water drive for the months of June and July giving us 60 days to generate as much water for the homeless in our community as we can.

EPAZ will pickup cases of water until July 15th.

We will accept monetary donations until July 31st.

We'll use the monetary donations to purchase water from Costco, which has a partnership with the Phoenix Rescue Mission offering storage of water as well as discounted water for the homeless.

So far we've collected over $1,000 towards the purchase of water!

So, how can you participate?

  • Purchase cases of 500 ml water bottles.
  • Challenge your office and stock pile cases of water during the months of June and July.  We'll make arrangements to have it picked up.
  • Use the below link and make a monetary donation through EPAZ and we'll purchase the water.

Ready to act? Use the link to make a monetary donation and save the world EPAZ style!

Make a Monetary Donation Today!

Office Challenge: 

Want to get get your co-workers involved?  Start a drive in your office and compete with your competitors on a whole new playing field!  Post pictures of your progress to social media and tag EPAZ.

Members and Member Companies that have taken our Challenge:

Clear Creek Associates
Chemical Transportation & Environmental Services
Freeport McMoRan
Health and Safety, LLC
Logan Simpson

Many thanks to the companies that are hosting water drives in their offices and sharing their photos with us too!
AECOM's Water Mountain

EEC Water Drive

Geosyntec Consultant's Water Drive

1 of 4 areas in HydroGeoLogic's office

First Pickup by EPAZ Volunteers on June 30th.  286 Cases!!!

Community Service Committee Chairs:

Rick Haskins
Health and Safety, LLC
(480) 229-7757
[email protected]

Ryan Dunning
Civil & Environmental Consultants
(602) 760-2324
[email protected]