14th Annual Gatekeeper Regulatory Roundup


MARCH 22 - 23, 2018


Presentations from Thursday, March 22, 2018

AQ Panel- P McNeely.pdf

AQ Panel- R Grimaldi.pdf

AQ Panel- M Sundblom.pdf

AQ Panel- R Eberle.pdf

ADEQ Division Updates- B Parke.pdf

ADEQ Division Updates- A Stone.pdf

ADEQ Division Updates- T Franquist.pdf

ADEQ Division Updates- T Baggiore.pdf

ADEQ Division Updates- A Vargas.pdf

NEPA Review-Keystone XL Pipeline- D Yamashiro.pdf

Engineered Turf for Landfills- Ming Zhu.pdf

Solid Waste Compliance- T Neal_.pdf

WQARF Program Update- S Green.pdf

RCRA- Dimbat-Brickner.pdf

Clean Water Act Update- M Ford.pdf

Phase II Investigations- K Peacock.pdf

Job Hazard Analysis- C Paulausky.pdf

Source Zone Remediation- L LaPat.pdf

PFAS Dos & Donts- B Profitt.pdf

PFOS- L LaPat.pdf

Vapor Intrusion-Mitigation McNamara-Pursoo.pdf

MCAQD 2018 Rule Revisions- H Krause.pdf

Air Dispersion Modeling for State Implementation Plans- F Mohammadesmaeili.pdf

Stack Testing Planning- M Sherer.pdf

Breakthroughs in 1,4 Dioxane Treatment- K Craig.pdf

AZ 1st APP for Well Stimulation- E Al-Rayes.pdf

Risk Based Closure-UST- P Nicola.pdf


Presentations from Friday, March 23, 2018

PULSE ON PRUITT-What's Up with the New EPA- M Klein.pdf 

AZ EMS Accreditation- T Canale.pdf

Rock Products-Industry Focus.pdf

Corp Social Responsibility- M Conway.pdf

The Real Risk of Property Transactions- D Laney.pdf

Hazardous Waste Data- D Janke.pdf

ISO 14001-2015 & Life Cycle Perspective- D Gadre.pdf

Staying Safely on Target-Laser Safety- C Paulausky.pdf

Ten Commandments RCRA Compliance- B Day.pdf

Preparedness-MSHA Investigation Legal Considerations- K Robertson.pdf

Emergency-Response to Natural-Disasters- McKendry-Steiner.pdf

Chinas New Waste Import Restrictions- M Peck.pdf

Nepa Strategies for Success- V Rosenkrantz.pdf

Note:  Presentations that were approved for us to post and share are listed above.