19th Annual EPAZ Conference


February 26 - 27, 2024




Presentations from February 26, 2024


Enhanced Aerobic Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents & 1,4-Dioxane in Groundwater, Bridget Hoagland, Matrix New World

Building a Stakeholder / Community Engagement Program, Disha Gadre, Trinity Consultants & Jen Springman Horizon Strategies

City of Tempe Wastewater BioIntel Program, Drew Rostain, City of Tempe

ADEQ Experience with Remediation of Tetrachloroethene Plume Using Ozone Treatment, Mikel Morales, ADEQ

Navigating Arizona's Ozone Nonattainment: Emission Offsets in Maricopa County, Thomas Pederson, Trinity Consultants

WQARF Liability: What Property Owners, Prospective Buyers, and Lenders Need to Know, Eric Mannlein, ADEQ

Enhanced In Situ Biodegradation Evaluation of Chlorinated Ethenes in Low Permeability Groundwater, Laurie LaPat-Polasko, Matrix New World

New PM2.5 NAAQS Impacts in The Horizon for Arizona, Camille Ponce, Trinity Consultants

Visualization Tool Utilizing Select Statistical Methods for Evaluation of Background Data, Scott Green, ADEQ & Kurt Fehling, The Fehling Group

Perryville Leaking UST Site: Remediation of Contamination Within a Deep Smear Zone, Jeff Rackow, ADEQ

Lead Paint, that is a heavy topic, Andre Zwanenburg, Terracon

Developing Sustainable Waste Programs, MaryAnn Ishak, Trinity Consultants

Arizona Aquifer Protection Permit Inspections - Common Violations, Xandrian McMacken, ADEQ

Air Quality Permitting, Lessons Learned During the Growth of the University, Mary Cuevas-Delgado, Arizona State University

The Future of Circular Economy in Arizona, Ashley Waldron & Roberto Shapiro Heredia, ADEQ



Presentations from February 27 2024

OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Karen Peters, ADEQ CEO/Executive Deputy Director

OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Clint Chandler, ADWR Deputy Director

Non-Targeted Analysis “ What is it, and how is it being used?", David Gratson, Environmental Standards

Benchmarking: How Do You Know Your EHS Program is Working, Kent Francis, Insurica

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)… What is this? Where is this Headed?, Jerry Worsham, Clark Hill

CAC Used to Enhance Natural Attenuation of PFAS at Airports World-wide: A Multiple Site Review, Dan Nunez, Regenesis

Leveraging Student Involvement: Pioneering Pigeon Management at Grand Canyon University, Teresa Bohman & Matthew Meyer, Grand Canyon University

Environmental Justice and How it Impacts Emergency Planning, Timothy Gablehouse, Colorado Emergency Planning Comm.

PFAS in Drinking Water: ADEQ's Sampling Project and Funding Opportunities, Sara Konrad & Matthew Olson, ADEQ

Don't Be Remiss, Use EMIS, Gregory Guimond & Ian Carstensen, Tucson Electric Power

Navigating Lithium-Ion Battery Management: Regulations and Compliance, Mary Cottrell & Valerie Gibson, ADEQ


Construction General Permits for Stormwater Discharges, Rosi Sherrill, ADEQ

Demystifying Sustainability: Principles and Best Practices for Infrastructure Projects, Gav Orman, Arizona State University

Eliminating energy waste is critical to achieving net-zero, Kelly Donahoo, Ocotillo Energy

From R Code to Data Driven Decisions, ADEQ

Industrial Ecology as Praxis: Environmental Value Stream Mapping, Brittany Ducca, Sturm Ruger Co. Inc.

Is Deficit Irrigation to Conserve Water Sustainable for Commercial Agriculture in the Desert?, Taylor Arp, University of Arizona